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There are no bullshit gameplay rules. Rust is tough game and you have to survive as you see fit. If something is not forbidden, then it is allowed.

No need to explain the outcome of this. Once you get caught, I won't listen any bullshit or excuses. You will lose the rights to play on the servers forever.

Let's all play fair as much as possible. Rust is constantly under development and I know there will be bugs for sure. If you encounter anything please report it.

If you'r noob or lazy, that's not my problem. Crying for free shit won't achieve you anything. Move your fucking ass and farm like everyone else.

I don't care if you advertise in general, just don't promote other rust servers. If you have joined here play or leave, but do not call players to go elsewhere.

Rust is a toxic game and I'm not a kindergarten teacher. You will speak shit to others and that's fine. Just don't be surprised if you go too far and end up muted.

Before playing on the server, please check if there are any specific group limit rules in-game. Failure to comply with these rules will result in a temporary ban.

Please avoid killing and raiding the new players unless they provoke you. This is purely ethical and up to your conscience. I hope you will make the right decision.

If you see specific rules in the server you play on, please follow them. Maybe these rules exist for a reason. Just it's not possible to describe everything here.


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you suspect someone is cheating, do an F7 report instantly and attach video evidence if possible. Reports go directly towards the server admins and Facepunch. Please keep all discussions out of the global chat because the hacker might get notified and turn off his cheats. Instead message staff on discord.

Because that's how the game works. The weak players do offline raids as it's easier for them. This sucks for sure but you will have to accept it. Meanwhile, there are instant Rust+ mobile notifications for everyone so you can connect and defend the raid at anytime.

Actual wipe information for each server can be found in-game. Usually map and blueprints are wiped monthly. All wipes happen on Thursday only. There's always a forced wipe with the update on the first Thursday of each month. Early wipes can be done if all players vote so except for the forced wipes.

Pirate clients are not allowed. You need to own the game on steam if you want to play here. How you gonna buy it it's up to you. There are even cheap steam accounts for sale if you can't afford to pay the full store price. If you gonna cry how expensive rust is just go to play the cracked version full of cheaters.

You can watch tutorials on youtube or ask others from the server for help if you struggle with something. Playing with friends is also good idea to help eachother. You will probably die a lot during your first hours and wonder what's going on in this game at all, just do not give up easy and you will success.

The best defense is a strong offense. They can't attack you if they're dead and you've got all their stuff.